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naruto shippuden kyuubi

naruto shippuden kyuubi

Naruto chapter 499 (Naruto vol. 53)
Type: Chakra Level: S-rank Abilities: - move quickly
- Rasengan Biju
- rasenrangan
- rasenkyugan
- Chakra imagination
- To feel ill will and hostility

Kyubi chakra mode is a technique in Minato Namikaze left for Naruto to use at a later date.
Minato believe naruto can use this power, then leave to gamatora jutsushiki.
Terms of use of this power is to take kyubi chakra, which will be used for his own chakra.
But it's not easy. Because in every chakra which is owned kyubi, there are also evil thoughts.

Naruto must complete the second phase of training to master this technique,
- The first naruto waterfall truth will be faced with the evil that was born of evil thoughts kyubi.
After defeating the evil.
- Naruto Kyubi chakra interesting fight. Naruto Kyubi chakra capable of attracting and separating from evil thoughts, after the auxiliary by Kushina.

When successfully mengambilchakra kyubi naruto. Naruto chakra of the body in a blanket of yellow and has a 6 magatama that circles the neck.

 Kyubi said it was the seal rikudo sennin.
After mastering the Kyubi chakra. Naruto chakra element capable of reacting with the wood.
And making the crop. Naruto is also able to sense evil intentions that are around. And able to move more quickly than usual, naruto could also membentukan something of Kyubi chakra. Such as hand and so, after it failed to issue a jutsu though mainstay of the bijudama kyubi, naruto rasengan can replace it with Biju.
Rasengan is a jutsu that mimic the chakras and created from Biju bomb. By using kyubi chakra mode, it does not mean no risk. The biggest risk is ending naruto chakra. When using this mode. Naruto Kyubi chakra will consume and turns with absorbed by naruto kyubi chakra.

Likewise when naruto uses kagebunshin (but in fact issued a chapt 545 naruto kage bunshin technique tajuu?).

All the chakra of the Kyubi kagebunshin will in consumption and enable a quick ending naruto chakra. Usually able to control Jinchuuriki bijunya, will make an agreement on how much chakra that will be consumed by bijunya. But the Kyubi is Biju who can not take untukkompromi. If naruto kehabisanchakra for consumption by kyubi. Naruto will die.

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